IEYC themes

This is Me! Entry Point

This week, we have launched into our very first IEYC unit theme- This is Me!

Excitement peeked as we wheeled a white suitcase full of clothes, jewelry, shoes and other items that have been carefully put together  to capture the curiosity of our 2-2.5 year old children. (currently, our oldest child is 2.5 years old). We made our world passports which have now been approved for travel.

This week, we will take a trip around the world to all the countries from which all our children originate. It goes without say that our first stop is to our home and host country, Uganda.

With our children’s ages in mind, we will be focusing more on activities that develop their movement, concentration and language skills in order for them to enjoy and benefit from the unit in the coming weeks.

We have fun theme based activities planned for the next 4 weeks and hope we can take you all on the journey with us.

Here are a few photos of our Entry Point activities.




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