Why your child should get messy

Last week, we had our very first Messy Playgroup.

Many of us immediately melt into a cold sweat at the thought of children and mess in the same sentence, as for putting our precious, sweet smelling, tiny little bundles of joy into something messy …. surely not!!20180921_155400

However, many and varied studies have shown that “messy” play can contribute massively to the cognitive and creative development of babies and young children. In fact this type of play can continue to have numerous benefits throughout our entire lives including a great way to relieve stress and tension in adults.20180921_152548

The term “messy” is often seen as negative and therefore undervalued but to give a baby the opportunity to explore, create and combine new materials without a necessary end result is a massive step towards their physical and emotional well being. Without boundaries in their exploration they will develop confidence in their ability, become risk takers in their learning and be happy to try new things with confidence.20180921_160032

Messy Play allows

1. Babies to explore without a focus on making or producing something (so ne pressure to get it right).

2.Babies the opportunity to mould and manipulate new materials.

3. Babies use all 5 senses in the process of exploration, especially the sense of touch.

4. A positive approach to new experiencesand much much more.

This list is by no means exhaustive, messy play can also develop concentration, Problem solving, planning, sharing, response, feelings, counting, creativity, imagination, communication, vocabulary, shape and so on. 20180921_152245

Children at different levels of development as well as children with special needs can all play together as there is no right/wrong way to explore, so barriers are lifted and tolerance and acceptance are promoted.

The benefits of messy play are boundless and over the next few weeks I will introduce more to you but in the meantime why not come along to our next class and see the benefits for yourself?

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