Fees Payment Policy



Fees are set at the beginning of each year at a rate that takes account of affordability for parents and of the sustainability of the service.

The termly fee for the service must be paid in advance.

There is a discount for families where more than one child attends the service

Fees must be paid even when the child is absent due to illness, except in special circumstances and with the agreement of the management committee/manager.

Fee paying arrangements for holidays, bank holidays etc will be agreed with parents at the time of enrolment

Parents will sign a contract agreeing the terms of the fee payment policy.

The non-refundable registration fee is due the day before your child starts at Bluemoon International School.

Missed payment or no copy of the record will result in the student’s spot being forfeited.

A tuition payment is due by the end of the first week after your child starts to confirm your child’s continued attendance.

Fees once paid are nonrefundable.