Health & Safety Policy



It is the policy of our school to ensure that children are protected and kept safe from harm while they are with staff and volunteers in our service.

We do this by

Ensuring that our management and staff avail of training on Child Protection

Giving parents, children and workers information about what we do and what they can expect from us

Making sure that our staff and volunteers are carefully selected, trained and supervised in accordance with our Recruitment Policies and Procedures

Applying for a police clearance certificate for all staff, volunteers, students and any adults that may come in contact with children in our school

Letting parents know how to voice their concerns or complain of there is anything they are not happy about

Having reporting procedures and a named designated person in place to deal with Child Protection Concerns

Ensuring that all staff and volunteers are informed of the Reporting Procedures

Developing Codes of Behaviour amongst staff, amongst children and between staff and children

Having procedures on actions to take if an allegation is made against a member of staff or volunteer.

Child Protection Reporting Procedure

  • The Designated Person to deal with Child Protection concerns in this organisation is        MISS CLAIRE
  • Should a child make a disclosure to a staff member or volunteer we have clear guidelines as to how that staff member or volunteer would respond.
  • Any member of staff or volunteer who has a Child Protection concern will discuss their concerns with the Designated Person
  • The Designated Person is responsible for the recording of any such concerns
  • It is our policy to inform parents/carers about any Child Protection concerns, unless doing so would put the child at further risk


  • The appropriate verbal/written communication regarding Child Protection concerns will be made to the APPROPRIATE BODY without delay.



It is the policy of our childcare service to promote a healthy lifestyle through prevention of illness and establishing healthy eating patterns. It is our policy to comply with Food Hygiene Regulations.

Healthy Eating

Parents are strongly advised to pack only fruits for children’s snack. Additional healthy snacks such as yoghurt, raisins, vegetables, a healthy sandwich is also accepted.

Sweets, crisps, chewing gum and nuts are discouraged Special dietary needs of children are met

An adult always sits with the children at meal times to encourage good eating habits, stimulate conversation and enhance the quality of the interaction.

Hygine Policy

  • Parent are to wear disposable overshoes before accessing the classrooms
  • Anyone accessing the classrooms must always sanitize their hands. An automatic dispenser is provided at the entrance
  • Students are requested to have indoor and outdoor shoes to minimize contamination

Illness Policy for Children

  • Children or adults who are sick or who may be a source of infection should not attend the service.
  • Parents are advised that a child who has been sick during the night should not attend the service the next day.
  • A child with a communicable illness should not attend the service
  • All parents are informed if a child attending the service has a communicable illness

Illness Policy for Staff

  • Staff with a communicable illness should not attend the service
  • All parents are informed if a member of staff has a communicable illness
  • Arrangements are in place to provide relief cover while staff are on sick leave

Immunisation Policy

When you enrol your child in our school, please complete the immunisation section, in the registration form supplied.

Parents have the right to choose to Immunise their child or not.

Not all children attending this service may be immunised.

In the event of an outbreak of any infectious disease, all parents will be verbally informed.

A dated notice informing all parents of any infectious disease outbreak, will be displayed on our notice board.