Nappy Changing Policy


It is the policy of our service and in the interest of the children’s health and safety, that staff follow the nappy changing procedures correctly and that a high standard of hygiene is evident at all times.


  • Children’s nappies and other items are stored in individual compartments and labelled accordingly.
  • Disposable paper towels are used to cover the mat
  • Soiled nappies are bagged and disposed of hygienically i.e. sanitising unit or binned and removed from the nappy changing area
  • The nappy changing area is disinfected after every use. Anti-bacterial soap is provided for hand washing.
  • Children are never left unattended when having their nappy changed.
  • If required another staff member is always available to provide assistance. A cleaning schedule is in place to ensure that the nappy changing area is clean and hygienic at all times.
  • To ensure that nappy changing time is a pleasant experience for the child, staff members use this opportunity to interact with the child and provide one to one attention.