Accident Policy



Accident and Safety Policy

It is the policy of our childcare service to promote the health, well being and personal safety of all children and adults involved in our service, through developing and regularly reviewing accident prevention procedures and fire safety procedures.


Accident Prevention

A Safety Statement has been prepared and is reviewed on a regular basis All new staff and volunteers must be familiar with the Safety Statement

  • There are at least two adults on the premises at all times
  • Children are supervised by adults at all times
  • Care is taken to ensure that no child can leave the premises undetected
  • When the main entrance is locked the key must remain in the position which is known and accessible to all adults
  • Staff must know which children are present at any one time
  • Furniture and equipment are laid out to minimise accidents
  • Only suitable and age appropriate objects are available to children

Accident Procedures

  • The First Aid Box is always fully equipped, easily identifiable and in a location which is known to all adults
  • At least one member of staff who holds an up to date First Aid Certificate is on the premises at all times
  • Records are accessible to all relevant staff in case of an emergency
  • Minor accidents will be treated in the school premises and parents/carers will be advised of the injury and the action taken, when the child is collected
  • All accidents even minor ones, are recorded in the Accident Book
  • The service has an arrangement with International Hospital of Kampala in case of any accidents or sudden illness
  • In the case of serious accident the staff member will transport the child to the hospital and notify the child’s parent/carer
  • If the child has to go to hospital before the parent/carer arrives, a member of staff must accompany him/her to hospital and stay until the parent/carer arrives
  • All accidents must be reported to the school insurance company