A typical day in Bluemoon

At Bluemoon Interbational School, a typical day is a balance between child directed activities and teacher directed activities.


A child’s day begins with choice time. Choice time consists of small group activities, arts and crafts, dramatic play, rug work or table work. Older students may start their day with quiet reading or rug work prior to choice time. After clean up, students will join together for group time. This will include greetings, a good morning/afternoon song, assignment of daily jobs, which involve calendar, weather and hand shaker.


Group time will be followed with either a trip to water the plants and feed the chickens, and rabbits. If weather does not permit, the children will participate in gross motor activities in our practical life area. After snack and independent reading, students will participate in their second choice time, which will include a presentation of new activities followed by a lager group theme activity which may consist of a science experiment, puppet show, chart or story.

Full and extended day students will join us for lunch and quiet time.

Extended day students participate in weekly themed activities; Mandrine Mondays, Adventure Art/Ballet Tuesday, Works of Music Wednesday, Creative Cooking/Soccer Thursday and French Fridays.

We partner with Soccer coaches who provide afternoon in house enrichment programing for those families interested in enrolling.

It is important that families understand that this is only a general outline of a typical day. The day varies according to the children’s response to certain activities. Some days more time outdoors is needed and others days more quiet time and reading. Children at this age need to freely express themselves, not forced to create an art project because Valentine’s Day is coming up and they haven’t made anything to bring home. Through free expression your child will develop self-confidence, the greatest tool we can offer.