About us

Bluemoon International School is a small school with only 50 placements for children to access the highest quality of foundation stage education in Uganda

Well designed classrooms feature a variety of rich learning centers for children to work and learn both independently and in groups. There are warm, cozy, carpeted reading areas with chairs and books and circle time areas for stories and group activities.


Our low student-teacher ratio makes it easy for teachers to pay attention to each child. Every child is supported to feel secure, comfortable, and confident in his or her social interactions.

Bluemoon International School provides a variety of year-round academic programs for ages 6 months to 5.5 years old.

The academic year starts in September and ends in June. Bluemoon International Preschool recognizes that busy parents and their active children appreciate the school offering a solution for scholastic child care when our regular school is closed. Therefore, we offer holiday camps that are both fun and educational. Each offer a specialized theme and lessons that relate to the season as well as various other topics to allow the students to learn and explore. Classes are open to children aged 2-6 and requires separate registration.

Our school strives to provide the ideal learning environment for the children we serve. We are dedicated to the well-being of our students and it is our goal to educate the whole child. We believe the future is dependent on the investment we place in young children today and this is why we are inspiring children to achieve a lifetime of success.