Intelligent Little Humans

Hi all,

Welcome back to our Bluemoon blog. I hope my first post gave you a little bit of insight on what to expect from us as a school.

Throughout my 8 years in the teaching profession, have seen and taught children from all walks of life. I can tell you with almost certainty that there is no creature more intelligent than the human child between the ages of 0-6.

I mean think about it. These little humans learn to use their eyes and ears, to talk, walk, run, read, write, count, socialize, be compassionate and the list goes on and on. All this within the first six years of their lives when adults think they are too young for anything.

We underestimate this age group of children. Think about it, with all your adult intelligence, how long would it take you to learn a language that you have never spoken before? Even if you do manage to learn it, only a gifted few are able to perfect it at a native level.

And yet, we intentionally shield children from learning words we consider ‘big’, claiming that they are too young. I am thinking, if a child is too young for one word, wouldn’t they be too young for a whole language or two?

After six years of age, this intense intelligence diminishes and the child will start to learn everything consciously and with a lot of effort, revision and repetition.

So why not just stuff everything you want your child to learn and experience while their brains can still take it in easily.

I will be insanely impressed with a preschooler who walks up to me and tells me ” Miss Claire, my jajja went to visit an Otorhinolaryngologist on the weekend for her throat infection”.

It would sound more like, “miss Claire, my jajja visited a Otogis on the weekend for a tot insesho”- but it would make my life!

So parents, dont hold back on the language, social skills and life lessons you teach your 0-6 year olds- if only for your own entertainment. Believe me, the more language your child knows, the more comic they are and the more entertaining your life will be.

Again, if you would like to register your child for our International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) program or have any questions, please do contact me on: director@bluemooninternationalschool.com


Where the Journey Begins

Welcome to the Bluemoon blog! Thank so much for you interest in our school. This blog is designed as informal way of introducing myself and Bluemoon International Preschool to the Ugandan community. I hope this post is only the first of many and will give you am insight on the values our school stands for and what you will expect from us.

Without further adue, allow to narrate the story of how I decided I wanted to be a teacher.

When I was 5 years old, I was moved from my small and cozy preschool where I had felt safe and happy for almost three years and transferred to a bigger school where I was to start primary.

The thought of a big school is terrifying to a 5 year old. This wasn’t just any school. It was to be considered one of the best schools in the country.

My mum tells me that I could read and write by the time I was five. You know those Ladybird books that featured Peter and Jane adventures? I could read most of the levels by the time I joined Pre-primary at five years of age.

I was so spirited, determined and intelligent, my my tells me. I passed my interview with flying colors and got a place in the clever class. A class I only attended for about 4 months before gradually being demoted to the mediocre class and finally the dummie class.

Mum relates the story to me with a heavy heart. “You come home one day and you couldn’t read or write anymore.” Its true! I came from reading almost any material I was given to not even recognizing a single letter in the alphabet.

This set the pace for my primary school life which was filled with bad reports or teachers telling me I was lazy, or that I had to repeat a class, or that I was going to be a failure in life.

Fast forward almost 25 years (today) later as I sit behind my laptop typing this first post of many. I wouldn’t describe myself as a failure or lazy. If anything, I have always beaten the odds. You see, when I remember what I learnt in school, the most important parts I remember are not the academics (I was horrible at those), it is the skills, life lessons, friends and experiences that I remember.

Most of all, I remember bits and pieces from my very first school. I was participated in a race on sports day but even though I was among the last, my teachers cheered me on and gave me a certificate for finishing. Although my mind has forgotten her face and name, my heart have never forgotten the kindness of my preschool teacher.

Even at the age of three, I wanted to be a teacher. Not just any teacher, but the best teacher I could ever be- one whom my pupils’ hearts would remember for the rest of their lives.

With that little story, I welcome you to Bluemoon International Preschool. My staff and I are ready and eager to touch some young hearts.

If you would like to find out more about Bluemoon school, do slide into my DMs.