Complaints Policy


It is the policy of Bluemoon International School to welcome any suggestions, recommendations, comments or complaints made by children or their parents in relation to our childcare service.

Any complaints made about the service will be dealt with in an open and impartial manner. The following procedures will be followed:

Complaints procedure

  • Complaints should be made to the Director
  • Every attempt is made to resolve the matter as amicably as possible and to the parent’s satisfaction.
  • If agreement cannot be reached the parent may make a formal complaint in writing to the person designated to receive complaints.
  • The complaint is recorded.
  • If the complaint is made against a member of staff, the staff member must be informed that a formal complaint has been made and be given full details.
  • If a complaint against a staff involves a child protection concern a second separate reporting procedure will be followed in line with our child protection procedures.
  • The parent is sent an acknowledgement that the complaint has been received and told how it will be dealt with, by whom, and within what time limit. The person investigating the formal complaint will keep dated records summarising what has been said and done by those involved.
  • The complainant and other people involved will be informed of the outcome.