Lily Pads

Age: 18 – 36 months

Capacity: 10

Lily Pads busy at work

The Busy Bees room is where your child will spend much of their day experimenting, exploring and beginning to socialise.

This room is structured at child’s level with many equipment for the children to push and pull as they strengthen their legs and motor skills.

In this room, children begin to experience a little more organized activities in their routine. The teachers in this room carry out a daily circle time and weekly activities during which they follow the International Early Years Curriculum thematic units.

New fine motor activities are introduced at this stage, depending on individual progress and ability. The children also begin experimenting with various materials such as water, sand, foam, glue, jelly, playdough, and more.

Mealtimes become more social in this room as children learn to sit at the table and feed themselves. They also start learning table manners, turn taking and sharing.