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Messy Play Classes

  • Do you love the idea of Messy Play but dread the tidying up afterwards?

  • Would like your little one to socialise while having you close by?

Messy Play Classes are a fantastic way for your child to experience sensory play in a fun, friendly and safe environment.

At Messy Play we understand the pressure that is currently put on parents to allow their children experience sensory play at home. We also understand that it is not always as easy as it seems. Whether its because you don’t have the time, you have other little ones which makes it trickier or put simply you just dread the thought… we hope that our classes will take the stress out of messy play for you and your little one by offering you a thoroughly enjoyable sensory play experience.

Welcome to Messy Play

Messy Play classes offer developmental learning through sensory play with a whole lot of mess thrown in. Our classes give babies, toddlers and preschoolers the opportunity to come together and discover everyday materials in a new and exciting way within a fun, friendly and relaxed environment. Each class has various areas of play spaciously laid out which offer messy/sensory/tactile materials to explore. All materials available will encourage each child to use each of their senses, taste, touch, smell, sight and sound whilst having fun.

At our Messy Play classes you can expect to find, painting, water, sand, dough, gloop, jelly, flour, spaghetti, mud and much more.
Classes last for 1 hour and all children must be accompanied by an adult meaning you can both enjoy the fun of getting messy together.

Why Little People Love Messy Play

Messy Play is a very natural part of childhood, it is a fun and interesting way for children to explore and learn about the world around them. Our Messy Play classes are friendly and relaxed. They allow each child the freedom to choose how they would like to play and allows them to move through the class at their own pace. As children become immersed in the materials whilst using their senses they use their imagination which helps to develop their creative skills through self expression. This child lead non-directive play helps children build confidence and relationships with those around them.

Benefits for Children

It comes as no surprise that sensory play has been proven beneficial for children by child psychologists and therapists. Messy Play offers many developmental benefits for learning such as cognitive , gross motor, language and social & emotional skill. Most children enjoy sensory play and it has been proven that children learn effectively whilst having fun in play.

Social & Emotional

Sensory play provides children with the opportunity to feel good about the choices they have made & learn to cooperate with the group when they are working side by side with other children.
Cognitive Development
Children further develop their problem-solving skills each time they determine how they will use materials and objects
Language Development
Sensory play brings new language to children, and gives them fun experiences to talk about with each other, or trusted adults in their lives.
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Gross Motor Skills
Sensory play reinforces and provides practice with fine-motor skills and coordination.

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