Settling In Policy


It is the policy of this service that every effort is made to ensure that the settling in period is as easy and pleasant as possible for the children and their parents/carers.


Settling in procedures

  • Each parent is provided with settling in advice before the child starts at the school.
  • Each parent is encouraged to drop in to the school with their child before the child starts at the school, so the that the child can become familiar with the other children, staff and the day to day running of the service.
  • On the first day the parent is encouraged not to linger after drop off as this communicates negative feelings to the child
  • Parents will be contacted if their child cries for longer than 30 minutes
  • No child will be pressurised to take part in any activity during the settling in period.
  • To help staff build a relationship with the child, staff will discuss the child’s interests with parents, as well as their likes, dislikes and key words the child uses at home
  • Each parent will be given a daily account of the child’s progress during the settling in period.